Handpicked 1:1 online tutors

Find a tutor, send them a message, and then book a free 15 min session to get to know each other before committing to a full lesson. 


Who are these tutors?

These are all tutors from Canada’s leading universities, either currently studying or recently graduated. Every tutor is a top academic performer, and is personally interviewed to ensure excellent communication skills and teaching abilities.

How do I book a tutor?

Simply message a tutor that fits your needs and if they can help, they’ll reply to your message. You can then book a session and get tutored on our easy-to-use online whiteboard. You can also request a free 15-min meeting with a tutor to get to first know them better.

What is the free 15-min meeting?

Sometimes it’s necessary to chat to a tutor with video to see if their personality and skills matches what you’re looking for.

You can request a free 15 min meeting with a tutor that catches your eye to get to know them better before booking a lesson with them.