Top 1% of Canadian University tutors, from $30/hr

Meet tutors for free, and then pay-as-you-go. No subscriptions, no commitment.

Meet tutors for free

Spend 15 minutes meeting tutors to ensure you have the right fit before booking any lessons.

Only pay for what you need

Pay-as-you go. No subscriptions, no commitments. Pay for only how much time you need with your tutor.

Top 1% of University tutors

All our tutors are from leading Canadian universities, and have some impressive accomplishments!

Our tutors suit a variety of budgets

Our tutors set their own prices, but this is generally what you can expect at each price range:

Band 1

$ 30-45 per hour

Tutors who are masters of their subjects, and have excellent grades.

Band 2

$ 45-60 per hour

Tutors who have racked up dozens of classes with great feedback from students. 

Band 3

$ 60-75 per hour

Exceptional tutors that consistently receive excellent reviews and have many years of teaching experience.