The best student job around

Great pay, looks great on a CV, and high flexibility. What more could you want?! 

Great pay

There’s not many part-time student jobs that pay better than tutoring! What’s more, it’ll help you learn your subject better too!

Looks great on a CV

When you tutor, you’re an entrepreneur that manages your own time. Impress your future employers with your initiative! 

Unlimited flexibility

Work the hours you want, and structure your time around your classes and social activities. Commit however much time as you are able!

So how does this work?

We only select the best tutors. We have a multi-stage application process, consisting of an application form and a video interview.


Stage 1: Fill out your application form

We’ll ask you for your grades, your qualifications, and other details.

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Stage 2: Video interview

Let us get to know you! What’s a better way to see your skills as a tutor than to get you to teach us something new yourself!

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Stage 3: Start tutoring!

That’s all! If you make it to Stage 3, you can start tutoring.

More details

You set your own price in one of our following price bands, based on your experience, skills, qualifications. Your take-home pay looks as follows:

Band 1: $21-31.5/hr

You’re a master of your subject, even if you might not have too much tutoring experience.

Band 2: $31.5-45.5/hr

You’re getting into the groove of things. You’re a great tutor whose racked up dozens of classes with great feedback. 

Band 3: $45.5-52.5/hr

Reserved for only our best tutors that consistently receive excellent reviews and/or have many years of experience.  

BUT… you can earn a lot more than this. Read the next section.

Simply put, if you are an exceptional tutor, you will make more money here than anywhere else. How so?

For every student you refer to Find My Tutor, you get 10% of all their payments on this platform, for as long as they use Find My Tutor. This is regardless of the tutor the student chooses. You can do the math and see how quickly this adds up. 

The students you refer also get 10% off their first lesson, making it a win-win for all parties involved.

Why does this work? Because it has been our experience that exceptional tutors have more students than they have time for. So why not refer them to Find My Tutor, and earn passive income from their lessons? 

How can we afford to do this without going bankrupt? Well, that’s our little secret. 😉

Instantly when the customer books a lesson! Yup that’s right: no more waiting something silly, like 30 days, to receive money you’ve earned. We see you as an equal partner. When the student pays us, you get the money immediately. 

We use something called Stripe Connect (a better version of PayPal), which allows you to receive payments immediately on customer checkout. Stripe handles all the payment technicalities for us, making your life (and ours) super simple.

If you’re approved as a tutor, we’ll give you more details. Connecting to our system only takes a few minutes at most!

Absolutely not! Just because someone has many years of teaching experience doesn’t necessarily make them better than someone who is just starting out. 

Teaching is about effective communication, and some people are much more natural communicators than others. We also highly value other qualities, like friendliness, patience, and ability to relate to the student. 

In your interview, we ask you to teach us something new, so we can observe first-hand how you teach!

We only want the best tutors, and our selection process is rigorous. After you fill out the tutor registration form by clicking the Apply Now button, you’ll receive an email with further instructions and a link to an application form where we’ll ask you about your grades, previous teaching experience (doesn’t have to be formal tutoring experience!), and more.

If you pass this application form stage, you’ll be invited to a video interview where we can assess your skills by getting you to teach us something we don’t know, exactly like how you would do it with a real student!

The pay is great, it looks awesome on a resume (you can show off your excellent communication skills in an interview by pointing to all your great reviews), and you get to work your own hours. What’s not to like?

For a detailed step-by-step guide about becoming a tutor, read our comprehensive FAQ below: